SKY NICE INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED,位于ROOMS 1316, 13/F, HOLLYWOOD PLAZA,610 NATHAN ROAD,MONGKOK, KOWLOON,HONG KONG,隶属于厦门嘉晟集团,2015年成立,主要出口服装鞋帽、包袋、纺织面料等产品自中国大陆到全世界各地,营业额逐年递增,2023年营业额为USD14286714。

SKY NICE INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED作为厦门嘉晟集团的主要成员之一,在国际贸易领域扮演了越来越重要的角色,与集团共创美好未来。

SKY NICE INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED, located at OOMS 1316, 13/F, HOLLYWOOD PLAZA, 610 NATHAN ROAD, MONGKOK, KOWLOON, HONG KONG, is a subsidiary of the Xiamen Justsun Group. Established in 2015, the company principally engages in export of apparels, bags, textiles, and other products from mainland China to various destinations worldwide. Its revenue has been increasing annually, reaching USD 14,286,714 in 2023.

As one of the main members of the Xiamen Justsun Group, SKY NICE INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED is increasingly playing a vital role in the field of international trade, committed to collaborating with the group to create a brighter future.